Hi guys, Ray Cruise here and welcome to my site.


This site is here for people in various categories:

a) Fellow Network Marketers, who are looking for more help, more guidance, more hints and tips to help grow their business by getting more leads, more recruits and more sales.

b) Small and/or Home Business Owners who are again looking for some additional hints and tips on how to maybe use a social media platform to grow their business by getting more leads, more recruits, more sales (whichever is applicable).

c) People who are neither of the above but may be looking to earn some money online (then by all means contact me).

So please look around my site, look at the various resources eg in the MLM Blog training section there are many guides, hints, tips, secrets etc.

There is the Network Marketing and MLM tools page, which are tools that I have used and they have worked or tools that I currently use to grow my business, which I share with you.

There is the FREE Product and Content Store page, here there is a variety of trainings, that are FREE or ones that you can purchase, that will give you the head start over other Network Marketers as there is some incredibly valuable and practical tips here eg a FREE Training on Snapchat for Business Owners or Ray Higdon’s Total Recruiting Mastery that you can purchase for instant access.

So just a few examples of what my site has to offer you in helping you grow your business by getting more leads, more sales and more recruits.

Please contact me with any questions or queries.

Speak Soon

“Always Encourage and Be Well”


Ray Feb